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SlyngShot Approach

SlyngShot Web SLC (Solution LifeCycle)

A SLC, a Solution LifeCycle, consists of a 12 stages that guide the effort needed to develop, implement, and maintain an excellent solution. A SLC always begins with assessment and ends with evaluation and maintenance. Each stage consists of a Goal, Start Criteria, and an Action Plan.

Stage 1: Assessment

Figure out what you like, want and need. Assess what and how we can help you understand, accomplish, obtain, succeed, or avoid. Capture goals, roadblocks, and constraints.

Stage 2: Solution

Figure out what we can do for you. Craft a solution that achieves your goals, overcomes any roadblocks, and fits within your constraints.

Stage 3: Information

Figure out and obtain all the needed information from you or other sources.

Stage 4: Systems

Setup all the systems that are needed to implement your solution. This includes domain name(s), server(s), email and accounts, database(s), 3rd party services, and more.

Stage 5: Style

Develop, design, and integrate the logo, branding, templates, multimedia, and other creative pieces.

Stage 6: Structure

Develop, design, and integrate the outline, flow, and navigation.


Stage 7: Substance

Develop, edit, format, and process all of the content, data, and research.

Stage 8: Testing

Test all site functionality, usability, performance. Check for consistency, grammar, and spelling.

Stage 9: Deployment

Deploy and configure all code, media, and data to the live environment.

Stage 10:Promotion

Begin short term, long term, and/or ongoing promotion campaigns.

Stage 11: Evaluation

Establish and measure site metrics and result benchmarks. Review Web SLC as a whole and by stage.

Stage 12: Maintenance

Maintain the solution, keeping it working, current, and effective.




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